5 Episodes In: Westworld

November 17, 2016     Ro     TV Show Review

Poster for Westworld
Genres: Science Fiction

Westworld is a futuristic (dark) sci-fi-drama centered around a resort with a fully immersive Wild West theme. It’s has rolling vistas, beautiful country side, cattle drives, with a train weaving through it all only to come to a halt in a quintessential western town. It’s a perfectly designed sandbox game, the ultimate in-game experiences just waiting to be had.

The town presents a mixed bag of all the stereotypical elements one expects to find on the frontier. Bar maids, brothels, man-hunts, gold prospectors, cattlemen, outlaws, gunslingers, soldiers, homesteaders and frontier folk going about their business as though it’s just another day. Each an android actor designed to entertain; a “Host” set to trigger a particular storyline or begin an adventure-nice nod to the RPG aficionados among the audience members, I think. All this for the amusement, titillation and gratification of the (paying) Visitors. Each adventure comes with the promise they’ll come away (mostly) unscathed no matter what vice they choose to indulge-including murder. There’s plenty game play options here to leave any MMO junkie gagging in envy.

I’ll admit it, sometimes I just hate waiting for a new episode to air to find out what happens next. Particularly if I’m not sure I’m going to keep watching a new show. A five-episode binge was just about right to get a real feel for the show.