December 20, 2014     Ro     Book Reviews, Mini Review (Series), Urban Fantasy

Atticus has been alive for over two thousand years but he doesn’t look a day over 21 – which is good because stress has a way of prematurely aging you and his life is very very hectic. You see there’s this prophecy…no wait there’s this sword…hang on a few Gods and Goddesses would like to have a word (and by word I mean remove his head from his body after beating him bloody and possibly setting him no fire for a bit) with Atticus.

If you like your urban fantasy with a lot of flair and humor you’ll definitely enjoy this series. The mythology is masterfully done, the characters right down to the dog are fantastic and engaging. You can’t go wrong checking in with Atticus if you want a fast paced romp across the world and through the many pantheons of gods and goddesses all who seem to have a wee bit of a issue to take up with the world’s last Druid…

One thing I’ve noticed reviewers often times forget to when talking about a series as a whole, telling you which book to start with….

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Also something to note, this series – like so many before it – has moved beyond just being in mass paperback now has a first run in hardback.  Starting with Shattered, book 7, you’ll find Atticus and friends in hardback. But trust me, continuing the adventure is more than worth it.