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My name is Ro…well, that’s what you should call me if you want a response that isn’t “I didn’t do it.” I’m an unrepentant bibliophile, a condition that – if treated in healthy doses – rids the world of the tyrannical rule I would attempt to inflict upon it. I’m pretty sure that’s how my mom convinced my dad that my reading habit was the greatest thing ever. As an opinionated BookBlerd, I have a tendency to be a smidgen on the snarky side; but it’s okay I’m generally feeling silly…unless I’m feeling a little punchy then, well then it’s best if you’re on my good side. I’m generally defined by words; yes, that’s a nice way to say I can, upon occasion, be a motormouth. But life experience has made me more an accidental participant and deliberate observer than an active havoc-wrecker (you’re welcome). I read voraciously – good mood, bad mood, long day, short day doesn’t matter; books will always be a feature player in my cast.

Trust me, for the safety of the world and the balance of civilization as we know it, don’t come between me and my books.

Things to know:

Books and I are friends from way back.

I spent the majority of middle school grounded or on some form of restriction.  Yes, I know that sounds extreme, but trust me, I earned every second. Truly, it wasn’t as harsh as it sounds. I was allowed to go to school, participate in after-school activities-let’s here it for band geeks, go to church (if you’d gone to my church you understand this was seriously not a bad thing on Wednesday nights) and most importantly, go to the LIBRARY…alone (meaning no one was around to say I couldn’t sit in the floor and read Clive Barker – at ten – if I wanted to).

In the grand scheme of things, my parents did themselves – and the world — a HUGE favor.  Instead of having a sullen, moody, bitter kid intent on making everyone miserable because they couldn’t go outside or watch TV or play with their friends —you hear the whiny voice yet?–  I came home, did my homework in record time, finished my chores and walked a mile (I lived in the back-side of the boonies growing up people) to the local library everyday. There I made a whole new set a friends who didn’t suggest things like blowing up tree stumps in residential areas (well not in the real world anyway) and to my mother’s delight, there was a built in babysitter (a librarian with a reference section, a rabid interest in HP Lovecraft and no concept of “age-appropriate”) with an entire building of distraction paid for by the judicious use of local tax moneys.

I currently live in San Diego – as far as you can go into the sunshine when you need to renew your passport – basking in the oddity that is this little “big city.” My day job traps me in an office where I’m forced to answer to my full name and use those comportment classes to mind my manners …and my tongue.  I know it doesn’t sound exciting but I like it and it uses my legal training in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to hell at the end of my life.

I’m frequently asked if I have a favorite genre and honestly, it truly just depends on my mood or as my ex-husband called it when he foolishly attempted to interrupt me…my bookitude.

Outside of work I can be found, usually barefoot:  reading a book, engaged in internet nosiness (otherwise known as catching up on the news) or binge watching television (while tweeting inappropriately ). Now, if it’s football  season, you’ll have to excuse (or be amused by) my rabid Domer Nation fandom – I’m a Notre Dame alum it’s a ingrained Pavlovian response…really – and the bitter laments against under performing fantasy league players.

well, you’ve been warned and you’re still here so: welcome to my never ending, ever-lovin’ book affair. I hope you find something to catch your interest.

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