Not Those Kind of Angels

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by Nalini Singh
Published by Berkley Books Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Digital
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A few years ago, on a friend’s recommendation, I put Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series on my to read list but as I was trying (I admit now it was an exercise in futility) to not jump on board for more series stalking, I didn’t actually read them at the time. I say this slightly shamefaced, but in all honesty my friend did a wretched job trying to “sell” me on this author.

I was wrong; completely and utterly cannot believe it took me this long to pick up the first book wrong.

NS - A1 synopsis

Angels’ Blood (Book 1) introduces you to a world where an archangel has a tower in New York city, and misbehaving vampires are brought to judgment by highly skilled Guild hunters. This is certainly not how I imagined how a series about “there are angel’s among us” would begin; and the connection between this winged race and vampires …well that is a whole different eye-blinking turn into new territory. This is a fast paced trek through the city on the hunt of an archangel gone mad. Do not pick it up this book if you have anywhere you need to be before the last page turns.

Nalini Singh’s writing brings her images to vivid life and gives you a sense that at any moment you’ll look up and see a brilliantly winged being catching a tailwind overhead (alright that may be just me, but did I read these books outside). Singh’s Hunters match no other. She takes the tried and true (and often worn out) concept of the vampire hunter and turns the entire idea on it head with the introduction of the hunter born, humans with a genetic quark that gives true meaning to the title Hunter.

The first book ends with an extinction level showdown that had me scrambling to download the next installment before I completely finished the first just so I wouldn’t have to wait to find out what happen next.  Not only are you drawn into the by-play and tension filled relationship building of Elena and Raphael; you can’t help but wonder about the lives of all the other characters. Thankfully, books 2 – 6 continues to expand the universe with intricate action, excellent story arc and character development that pulls you in until you’re fully invested the fate of hunter, vampire and archangel alike.  Just so long as you keep in mind, these beings are just as likely to kill as they are to claim…

I enjoyed this world where the interplay between the character development and world building leaves you with a real sense of the players and their playground without slowing down the pace of the storytelling.  I cannot wait until the next one. Just in case you have an overwhelming desire to do as I did and read everything all in one fell swoop, far be it from me to slow you down:

Books 2 – 7  — [Angels’ Flight is a compilation of short stories previously printed in various anthologies plus one new – at the time – story]

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