Now Borrowing: The Dead Seekers

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Now Borrowing: The Dead Seekers

In the dark reaches of the eastern continent, Tris Vishal travels from village to village, using his power to put unsettled spirits to rest. He works alone, having learned that letting people close only leads to more death. Still, he finds himself accepting the help of the Móndyalítko woman who saves his life—a woman whose gifts are as much a burden as his own.    Mari Kaleja thirsted for vengeance since the night her family was taken from her. She has searched far and wide for the one she thinks responsible, known only as “The Dead’s Man.” But before she can kill him, she has to be sure. Mari hopes traveling with Tris will confirm her suspicions. But as they embark on a hunt where the living are just as dangerous as the dead, she learns the risks of keeping your enemy close...   Because it’s no longer clear who is predator and who is prey.

The Dead Seekers by Barb and J.C. Hendee
Series: Dead Seekers #1
Published by Penguin on January 3rd 2017
ISBN: 9780698154469
Where to Find It: Amazon|B&N|Shop Indie|Goodreads
Genres: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 336
Format: Digital
Source: Netgalley

FTC Disclosure: I received access to this book early through Netgalley (for free) in exchange for a review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Overall Review: This is a unique revenge tale that takes an abrupt turn when life and new enemies intrude. Hendee (squared) create a riveting and rich landscape and lay out an adventure at turns horrific and triumphant. The conclusion to the mystery the pair find themselves caught up in is both satisfying and simultaneously opening the door for further daring from this tentative and highly complicated partnership.

Mari, orphaned in a horrific massacre at 10, believes she’s finally tracked down the one responsible for her family’s death. She’s a half-feral, vengeance minded young woman intent on tracking and killing her prey… until she meets him. Tris, is an unassuming, self-contained young man used to being feared due to his unusual, talents. Each exist as an outcast; living on the edges of comfortable society. A not-so-chance run in with bandits in the woods shifts the dynamic between the two as Mari make she presence known and Tris find he welcomes her company despite knowing there’s more to her appearance than happenstance. This pair move forward towards an adventure that further entwines each in the others life and exposes their weaknesses.

The Dead Seekers pulls you into the midst of dual mysteries thirteen years apart: what is to become a stillborn child who spontaneously returns from the other side of the veil initially born and what does the future hold for the child who’s the sole survivor of the brutal massacre of her family? The answers to these questions, told in a straightforward and relatable fashion, plunge you into the main mystery at the heart of this story: what do you do when you find the person responsible for your life being plunged into loneliness and misery.

side-note: This is a world previous readers are well acquainted from the Noble Dead books; as such the descriptions of the surrounding landscape take a bit for granted. This is not to say, there is no world building merely that its presented as a familiar environment that the characters are accustom to. There’s a very “on the ground” feel to the details provided about the surrounding countryside, its cities as well as the secondary characters filling out this story. It is not necessary to read any of the Noble Dead Saga in order to enjoy The Dead Seekers this world will capture your interest all on its own.

The Dead Seekers, set in the world of the Noble Dead, is the first in a new series by high fantasy writing pair: Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee. If you’re looking for a riveting fantasy world with unusual challenges to fall into, I recommend giving The Dead Seekers a read.

Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

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