Now Watching: Live By Night – Movie Review

January 13, 2017     Ro     Movie Reviews

Genres: Crime Noir

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.  Let’s just get this out of the way, cinematographer, Robert Richardson is a bloody genius because this movie is absolutely gorgeous. His use of environment, light and dark created a backdrop that melds perfectly with the ‘20s vibe and set an almost tangible tone for the film. And whomever did the site scouting for this film deserves an award as well. The vistas and venues are amazing and tell a story all their own about the ’20s. Think: Bostonian noir, 1920s prohibition grit, steamy southern Florida coastlines and hot Cuban nights. Live By Night is a costume and set designer’s dream and more than one person will leave the theater with clothing, furniture and hat envy…

The movie opens with a photo montage and voice over with a flash to an image of a man lying in a hospital bed bandages and banged up all to hell. It’s a familiar storytelling tactic especially for book adaptations; a quick way to introduce information there’s no way to fit into the film affirmatively. But this choice of opening is also your first clue that maybe possibly, that trailer you saw and description you read aren’t what this movie is going to be about…It’s not the mob movie many may have been hoping for but it’s still a pretty good crime noir flick nonetheless.