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December 9, 2016     Ro     Movie Reviews

Genres: Drama
Miss Sloan Movie Poster
Rating: 4.75 out of 5

I love a good political drama. I particularly love it when a political drama pokes at a subject guaranteed to bring the drama: power grabs. When I first heard about Miss Sloane, I was conflicted. On the one hand, I wondered, did there really need to be another movie about lobbyists and what they get up to in the Capitol? I mean, House of Cards has pretty well covered the ins-and-outs of political intrigue with story craft excellence. But on the other hand, I really do enjoy a well-done politico movie and this one looked like it could rival some of the best in the genre. I mean, it does star Jessica Chastain. After watching the trailer, I was so intrigued I knew I’d have to watch it and (fervently) hope it wasn’t just a gender-swapped Michael Clayton knock-off.

An extreme close-up of Elizabeth Sloane (played by Jessica Chastain) seemingly speaking directly to the camera opens the show. She’s telling you her personal work ethic and strategy, you know, the one in all the trailers: “lobbying is about foresight; about anticipating your opponent’s moves, devising countermeasures… the winner plots one step ahead of the opposition it’s about making sure you surprise them and they don’t surprise you.” I’ll be honest with you, I was relieved to see this catchy line used so soon in the movie. I absolutely hate it when you’re watching a movie and the entire build up leads to… the line you’ve already heard a million times in the trailers.