Now Watching: A Monster Calls – Movie Review

January 6, 2017     Ro     Movie Reviews

Genres: Fantasy
Movie Poster for A Monster Calls
Rating: 5 out of 5

A Monster Calls is an intense journey through the stages of grief, and coping with the inexorable approach of death. You’re going to cry -whether you weep on the inside or bawl openly in the dark movie theater is really your only choice.

I know, with an opening like that, what else is there really to discuss?

Conor (Lewis MacDougall) is a young man faced with losing his mother (Felicity Jones) in the very near future. His entire world is being upended as her health fails. His angst calls forth a monster (Liam Neeson) who ominously demanding an exchange of three tales for his truth of his nightmare upon his arrival. The monster sees him though all of this and in the end, leaves him with an immutable connection to his mother of incalculable value.