Now Watching: Passengers – Movie Review

December 21, 2016     Ro     Movie Reviews

Genres: Science Fiction
Movie Poster for Passengers
Rating: 3.75 out of 5

The opening sequence shows a massive gorgeously designed ship flowing through space on autopilot. So, sue me if I’m expecting all my space opera dreams to come true in the next hundred minutes. I blame the trailer (official trailer 2) I saw. It was misleading as all get out. Alright, so that’s my own fault (maybe)… I looked past the whole love story push to the explosions and got sucked in to the sweet sound effects in the back ground. Like I said, sue me.

Passengers is all about the question of what would you do to secure your happiness. It asks the question (blatantly mind you), what would you sacrifice – for someone else – to change your future. What would you forgive and how would you choose to spend the life you find yourself stuck in. I know the creators were aiming for a moving love against the odds, forgiveness in the face of potential loss but it falls short of the mark. Far short.