Now Watching: Sing – Movie Review

December 21, 2016     Ro     Movie Reviews

Genres: Animated Movie
Movie Poster for Sing
Rating: 4 out of 5

I can carry a tune; carefully with both hands… but that’s about it. I’m like most people who’ve got an ear for music but no talent for the singing; more than slightly obsessed with animated singing cartoons. But you can’t just go throwing some tunes on screen and expect me to be all in. I’ve got standards, blame Disney and Pixar, you must hit me somewhere good and give me a reason to add you to my wall of animated singing glory (yes, I have a shelf of movies that all require singing to happen – sooooo).

Sing has a back story familiar in the animated movie world. Anthropomorphized animals living in a parallel world to the human world going through life struggles with theme songs and musical soliloquies. But it doesn’t feel like it’s already been “done” and the daily life and struggles in this town populated by animals provides a relatable background to pull you into the story without wasting opportunities for authentic and touching moments made more so by combining them with satirical hilarity and off-color humor – there a very good reason it’s PG and not G.