Review Policy and Parameters

Well, this is a review site – among other things – so here’s where you find out the how’s and “what-have-fors” of book reviews and recommendations on Shelf Envy.  I went to law school so I am just as fond of full disclosure and disclaimers as the next legal beagle.

I am opening to reading and reviewing anything that falls within the realm of Fiction (remember when said I love books?). My current reading list runs the gambit:

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Dystopian
  • Steampunk
  • Urban or Paranormal Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Graphic Novels
  • Speculative Fiction


I do read non-fiction but have yet to have the opportunity to review any. That’ll will most likely happen because I really do have an opinion about everything.

I’m just jumping back into the swing of reviewing things so the majority of my book reviews (to begin with) will revolve around my now existing (and ever growing) “to be read” pile.  These are (mostly) books that I’ve purchased with my own funds and the review has in no way been solicited by either author, publisher or a particular book establishment. 

If after reading the content of my site you want to discuss having me read and review your work contact me.

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC guidelines on blogging and endorsement, unless specifically disclosed in the post, Shelf Envy reviews are based on books purchased directly by the reviewer.  All other sources of review materials will be affirmatively disclosed in the review post. Receipt of any review material in no way influences, impacts or alters the stated opinion in any review posted on Shelf Envy. I’m a freaking girl scout and everything.

At present, Shelf Envy has no affiliates and receives no compensation from any site linked or mentioned.  I reserve the right to change my stance on allowing ads or sponsored posts and will disclose such a change on the site or in any specific applicable post.

In plain language. No one tells me what to think, say, or do. No in word or deed. My Dad’s been trying to pull off that maneuver since birth with no success.

All posted or linked reviews are exclusively the opinion of the reviewer.  A positive recommendation has neither been bought, paid for, borrowed nor leased.  My words are my own. In the event a review indicates the material was provided by some source other than me opening my wallet be assured it in no way skews my stated position. 

I may also — ok this will TOTALLY happen – write a post on a topic book related but not in and of itself a specific review.  This will most certainly be wholehearted my own opinion influenced solely by that which makes me quirky. At no time will I take a position or make a suggestion that has been purchased. In the event I mention something it will only be based on my own experiences and opinion. I can’t be bought.

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