Author: Sarah Kuhn

Now Borrowing: Heroine Worsh..

Now Borrowing: Heroine Worship

Overall Review: Sarah Kuhn’s created a host of characters and a delightful world that feels just one layer away from reality. Her protagonists are some of the most well-developed, conflicted, amusing, self-effacing kick-ass women I’ve read in a long time and I cannot wait until their next adventure. Sarah Kuhn’s San Francisco is a city worth […]

July 16, 2017

Now Borrowing: Heroine Compl..

Now Borrowing: Heroine Complex

  Overall Review: Heroine Complex is a rich vibrant tale of love, family, friendship, finding your backbone and your purpose in life.  It’s the story of a wallflower yanked into the spotlight and left with no choice but to face her fears (and a few demons) in order to save herself, her friends, and her city. […]

July 6, 2017