Genre: Dystopian

Now Borrowing: Red Rising

Now Borrowing: Red Rising

Now, I’m a bit particular (blame Frank Herbert and Aldous Huxley) about my dystopian novels so Red Rising had a high bar to jump from the outset. Many of the chosen scenarios just don’t hold form after a few chapters and it makes  the world unbelievable and reading tortuous. A dystopian setting for a story is the one  most likely to […]

February 26, 2014

He Had Me at Edmond Dantes: ..

He Had Me at Edmond Dantes: Introducing Pierce Brown

  One random day in March of 2013, I made a trip to the bookstore to avoid doing housework — sue me, I don’t like dusting — and received an advance reader’s copy of a book called Red Rising for my troubles from, yes you guessed it, Patrick my friendly neighborhood book dealer. His instruction, “read it […]

January 28, 2014