Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Now Borrowing: Secrets In De..

Now Borrowing: Secrets In Death

Rapid Fire Review: All out of excuses, Lt. Eve Dallas meets colleague Dr. DeWinter for drinks at swanky restaurant, Du Vu, when death finds a patron. Larinda Mars’ run as celebrity gossip-monger is over and no one’s surprised she came to a bloody end; Dallas included. Secrets in Death continues J.D. Robb’s recent trend of pulling in […]

September 9, 2017

Now Borrowing: Echoes in Dea..

Now Borrowing: Echoes in Death

Overall Review: Eve and Roarke are back and the latest installment of the In Death series isn’t pulling any punches. In a keeping with the “Marriage Rules,” Dallas and Roarke are on their way home from an evening mingling with the glitterati only to crash into another case, saving a woman who stumbles in front […]

February 10, 2017