When the ex-wife comes to stay… A Review of Patricia Briggs’ Night Broken

April 17, 2014     Ro     Book Reviews, Novels, Paranormal Romance, Romancing the Ro, Urban Fantasy

by Patricia Briggs
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Shifters
Format: Hardback
Source: Purchased Book


Night Broken is a continuation (Book #8) of the story of Mercy and the Tri-Cities werewolf pack members. The story picks up with an dilemma any newly married woman has to just love when she’s working to integrate herself into her husband’s existing life among his friends and (highly territorial) pack members:  the ex-wife calls and asks: “can I come home?…”

Mercy is a strong yet vulnerable woman often forced to embrace her place as mischief-magnet in the changing Tri-Cities landscape. Throughout this series the reader tags along as she matures and comes into her abilities. We’ve also suffer along through life changing trauma and revelations.  Following along in Night Broken as Mercy discovers more about her family — yes Coyote is back and as usual his presence brings “interesting” things for Mercy — as well as finding her way with her pack while adjusting to married life as the mate of an Alpha werewolf.

You get a glimpses into the current relationship interaction between Adam and Mercy that bring you a sense of relief and happiness. This pair has been through some trials along their path towards each other.

With Night Broken a window opens into the relationship between Adam and Christy and the dynamic between Christy and the pack.  As you read, a comparison between the pack now versus the pack with Christy is unavoidable. Many of the cracks and shifts apparent in earlier books begin to make sense and coalesce in an image of the pack and his marriage that led to nothing but increased respect and affection Adam.  That is not to say you don’t want to shake him at points through this book while watching Christy’s power plays and petty maneuvers.

Ask yourself, what do you do when the sweet, helpless, self-centered mother of your husband/mate’s only daughter needs to move into your home — which used to be her home — while her violent and obsessed stalker is tracked down? Better yet, what do you when a very testy and powerful fae shows up at your house demanding the return of an artifact you gave to your ever elusive father, Coyote, in keeping with Native American guest rules at the same time? How would you respond to the challenge?  Mercy takes a deep breathe and steps into the mix with a determination to see it through and protect what’s hers.

Patty Briggs bring you further into Adam’s home and the dynamics of pack life giving you a glimpse of the challenges facing Mercy and yet again sends you off on an adventure raising the stakes for the Tri-Cities world as the swiftly encroaching world of the supernatural again spills over into the everyday in ways it’s becoming increasing difficult to conceal.  It’s a great action packed, swift paced novel that ties up loses ends while setting the ground work for new and intriguing escapades for Mercy and the rest. It’s a must read in a not-to-miss series.

This is a highly developed world with supernatural elements rooted in a believable ethos involving gods, werewolves, vampires, native magics, witchcraft and the fae. Nothing is added that is not essential to anchoring the world and advancing the story. The characters are strong and complex making following their adventures and development extremely entertaining and addictive. This is one series you walk away from talking about the people and events as though you just met them and can’t wait to get together and catch up on what’s been happening.

At her book signing in March, Patty was asked about the ending to Night Broken to which she responded: “If you weren’t turning the page expecting to see something, I really don’t think the ending would’ve bother you as much…”  I have to disagree, I turned the page clamoring for more and was dismayed to find a blank page.  Rest assured, I am anxiously waiting the next book to catch up with my Tri-Cities friends.