Why Shelf Envy™?

I’m a Book Blerd from way back. My second home might as well be bookstores and libraries. The majority of my free time is spent burrowing like a mole with a book, a blanket and the telephone on silent. I love books; any books, all books. If it has words I will devour it. Then I’ll read it again.

I spend a lot of time fielding questions from my friends, and sometimes strangers, along the lines of: “What should I read?” “Will I like this book?” “Have you read this person’s work – what did you think of it?”

and the most dreaded question of all for a book hoa…lover such as myself:

Can I borrow that book I saw at your house on the bookshelf  in your living room?”

I have a collector’s mentality (there’s a list, a veerrry short list of people who can leave my sight with a book and live) about letting my books out of my sight. So, umm, HELL NO you cannot borrow that is my instinctive response.

I thought perhaps, for the safety of all concerned and to save time on passing along recommendations and fangirl moments of author gushing (it happens sue me), the best way to bring my love of all things books, my urge to talk about books and book related topics and well let’s be honest, my opinionated nature together would be to create a bookblog focusing on my bookish tendencies.

I hope you find my reviews useful in your hunt of that next “must read” or at least get some enjoyment out of my rantish nature…

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